Ideas and Thoughts – Dashboard Deities

This area is going to be dealing with interesting ideas and some serious thoughts…. Some of them are yet to be patented,but do not try to copy any of these ideas because I can always sue you based on this blog.

My friend bought a car. As usual- for an Indian – the car goes straight from the dealership to the Temple.He regretted for not carrying a lemon and kumkum to the dealership since he never thought he would finalize it.(Well It is customary in India and most Indians, that one keeps 4 lemons under the 4 wheels of a car and run over them crushing the lemons,when one buys a car and drives it for the first time.This is considered to be auspicious).Infact after all the negotiations one of the deal breaker was $2000 discount and a free lemon. He was willing to accept the rejection of the $2000 discount but not the lemon.I was planning to suggest crushing a watermelon or a honeydew melon or a cantaloupe for many reasons. 1)In India the cars are small,so lemon is fine. In US the cars are big,crushing a lemon will be an insult to the car. 2) It is watermelon season.A whole watermelon could cost less than a lemon.Especially when he is buying a car, all these savings count a lot.3) When he is calling his people back home, I wanted him to tell them the name of the fruit they would barely know. Honeydew melon and Cantaloupe or even Grapefruit will fit. It is just a good thought that they all will be happy to know that he bought a car in America and crushed an American fruit not the age old lemon everyone uses in India.We will deal all these in another edition of Ideas and thoughts – “The sentiments”.

So we went to the Sai Baba Temple. They don’t do Car Poojas. So they gave him a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba. I could only pity him since he could not find a nice place in that Audi to keep that small picture nor a place for a small Ganesh Idol.

The whole process triggered the thought process in me and the ideas started pouring in my mind.

Windshield Vignesh (Our Graphic designer has been working on it. The image will uploaded soon)

I am seriously thinking of writing to Honda and Toyota that they should consider releasing Car models for Indians with a mini pooja room in the dashboard or even better, the windshield will have an image of the god in watermark print. A button is pressed – the god’s image will appear and switch off the button it will disappear. On safety front, the driver will not be able to start the car or shift to Drive if the switch is on.

Deity in the Dashboard (Image below)

Who cares about the Tachometer in the Dashboard? Honestly how many of us know where a Tachometer is in the Dashboard? or What it is? or how to read it?(Ofcourse without googling). So let us get rid of that unknown and unwanted stuff and replace that with nice god picture.(Wow,what a wonderful Idea, I did not have this in my mind when I started writing this…ok, let me patent this first) This will also be available if they want to keep their mom’s picture. Due to accident prevention act the wife’s picture will not be allowed.

More serious ideas in the pipeline. Keep checking this page for updates.

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2 responses to “Ideas and Thoughts – Dashboard Deities

  1. Why do they crush the lemons ? Some people told my uncle to do it to his van that he just baught & they where Indian .

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