Chinese Super Buffet… Go for it…!!!!

When one is hungry …I mean reaaallly reaallly hungry and also health conscious , nothing can beat a Chinese Super Buffet.

When I say Super Buffet, I mean a chinese buffet with several aisles of food,not just any chinese buffet .That is very important here.

Well the logic goes like this. Your intake of food is not going to reduce if it is a chinese beffet or an Indian buffet or any other type of  Ala Carte lunch or dinner. But when you choose to go for chinese buffet with manymany aisles of food,my strategy would work.

    • When you go for a chinese beffet,first you walk around all the aisles to see what all they have.
    • You walk back to get your soup bowl, walk back to your table.
    • Then you walk to get your plates, you walk to get the appetizers,walk to see once again what all appetizers they have.
    • Walk to get your main course.
    • Walk to get your deserts.
    • Every time you walk to get your food you also walk around another time to see what all they have in that section.

So basically, in my opinion, eating food in a chinese super buffet is like, eating food when you are walking on a treadmill.:-)  (Well ,if you can run with the plate full of food in your hand, you are really talented.But it may not look good for the first few times.But don’t give up, It is your food and your body)You can also choose to wear a Pedometer during your chinese buffet.

The net result is, you end up burning a lots of calories while you are adding lots of calories. Adding lots of calories happen with any other food too,but none of them give you the convenience of working out when you eat. We are all happy with the only work out being walking from the parking lot to our desk at work, or may be walking one floor up daily…right?

So when you are done with your next chinese buffet, your fortune cookie may read ” wow, you just followed the best advice you ever got”.



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