Mama always said…..! —- 1

Forrest Gump, sitting on a bench in the bus stop,telling his story with full involvement,without even trying to understand or worried whether the person listens to him or not. He enjoys telling the story. He loves the story of his life. He cherished the moments.He lived the seconds whether it was a pain or pleasure,but never counted them.He just needed someone next to him even if they dont listen. His Jenny gone,he does not care who listens. It is the story that keeps him going!

If it had been Jenny sitting next to him, he would have been happier to share the story with her.Actually,all the times that’s what he was doing – telling the story to Jenny….” You were there Jenny” She was always there………..!!!

We all have a story to share ! But we are always worried about the audience. Who is listening to my story now? Is he/she going to keep the story with him/her? Will they end up gossiping my story? Will they end up judging me?Will they ridicule me? We have many questions and ….and we never start telling our story…!!!

We are worried about how the story ends…We never enjoyed the journey.. When the destination is not known,when the destination keeps changing, why don’t we just enjoy the journey. Plan the journey , plan the destination,fine……but always enjoy the journey…When  we enjoy the journey we always have a nice story to share… When we love the story, we share the story…We will love the pains and love the pleasures of our story…I think that’s what Forrest did….!

“Mama always said life is a box of chocolates , you never know what you are going to get “- Lucky Forrest – his life offered him a box of chocolates. He is lucky he got a chocolate – A sweet chocolate – dark, white, brown whatever the color is. Sometimes, for some, life does not offer chocolates. Many times, for some,life offers a chocolate of a flavor they feel they don’t like. …and many times, we throw the chocolates since we don’t like the wrappers…!

My take on Love is , Love that comes out of understanding stays. This character – Forrest – challenges my theory. He never tries to understand Jenny,he just keeps on loving her.He never cares whether Jenny loves him or not. He never tries to understand her.. never tries to know her..he never cares whether she understood him. He just keeps loving her…………. Or is it the understanding they developed as children,brought this eternal love in him?

Jenny had a home -at Greenbow, Alabama -Always…! Whenever she went back, Forrest was there for her waiting.- Always…! He was just happy that she came back…He never cared where she was. Just happy that she came back…Never cared, who she was with. Just happy that she came back safe…..Never cared what she was doing, Just happy that he can take care of her now……….He never cared she forgot him..Just happy that she remembered him…..!  Where did that love come from ? How to love someone like that?

We all have our Greenbow, Alabama’s, and our Jennies….. But we wanted Rainbows and Newyorks and our own Jennies…..When our Jennies came to us,we  all asked our Jennies where she was? whom she was with? why she din’t come when we called? and finally…. why she came back?……This character Forrest Gump, made men feel bad or the least made me feel bad for not being Stupid(sorry for the word)( I may be one but still not “Stupid as stupid does”).I might then enjoy my story and enjoy the moments and will just remember the moments irrespective of whether they were and are , pains or pleassures….!!!!

(To be Contd….)


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