License Plates….!

Name the cars

I happened to see some interesting license plates in phoenix. Since the fee for personalized license plates is low,AZ seems to be one of the states that has many automobiles with a personalized names on them.I happened to see some interesting names listed below.Many of them show the sense of humor these people have.

IOBMW – I Owe BMW – This person has obviously bought the BMW on loan and announces to the world.

Half Car – This is the license plate of a 2 seater smart car, which is actually half the size of the car.

BENSCAR – Well. That is another way to own a benz car if you happened to be Ben. Any car you own will be Ben’s Car.

QT314 – Cutie Pie ( Value of Pie)

Now circling back to the Desi community in the US, also personalizes the license plates of their cars….Some of the license plates I saw…….

4 ?????? – I have seen many cars with 4 followed by a girl’s(obviously the wife’s) name.Most of them,if not all of them, are Indians.

Neyveli – It is the name of a town in Tamilnadu. Must be a very “Native Indian”

Laksita – Friend of mine has his daughter’s name for his car.(No Comments 😉 )

Ramasri – Friend of mine has his father’s name for his car.(Now he is trying to sell his car. If you offer to keep the license plate unchanged he might sell the car to you at 50% discount. Try it.)

Rishi – Again a friend with his nephews name in the license plate.

If you are customizing the license plate why not make it little different.Why not name it,

Icevarya (to show we are patriots)
or Angelina Jolie(to show we accept western values)
Or name it  “L1 to H1 “
“H4 to H1”
“v took it”
“ILVCTZN” – I love citizen…no matter what color you are what language speak……!

(I am going to launch a website which will list the names for your car. The site will also have the option to choose the names based on your ethnicity.I will be looking for an Angel Investor( You can be either an Angel or an Investor, please contact me).

Why to leave the only opportunity you get to name something?Why not make it fun? You cannot name your kids this way….That is going to be big decision which will be influenced by your in laws and you will have no say in it.You cannot even marry a girl with the name you like or rename her(Don’t even try – you will be deleted). So why to leave the only opportunity you get to name something? Make it more creative …make it more interesting…show the sense of humor….take it easy..!

……………. Muthuraman


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