You were there Jenny.! (Mama always said – II)

Whenever Jenny asked Forrest to run away, Forrest ran away from troubles. But every time he ran away he ran closer to Jenny – every single time. When Jenny tells Forrest he does not know what love is, It is she who does not know what love is. She did not know she loved him. Like all of us once thought we were the only ones who knew what love was, just to realize later that no one knew what love was.Some had and did not know. The ones thought they had, did not have…….!!!

Forrest , as a boy, had crooked legs but not thoughts. He had a heart like a clean sky after a downpour. Not a single shadow of a cloud. All through his life. We all have straight legs but thoughts that are not always straight. (I have no problem replacing the “We” with “I”).

Forrest let his Jenny to be Jenny. He never tried to transform the Jenny to his girl. Dont know it is right or wrong. I only know we all want to transform our Jennies/Forrests. Plan on that. Build our expectations and love on that. When it does not happen, everything vanishes…. The love we thought was there, has no trace there……There is no Forrest if you make him an intelligent and matured. There is no Jenny if you take her out of her…..We want an intelligent Forrest and Homely Jenny………..And Jennies of present,make the Forrests of today, run…not from troubles but make them run away from them, knowingly or unknowingly…! and the Forrests of today wait for every single opportunity to run away!

What Jenny wanted was already with her in Greenbow, Alabama, with Forrest – Love and Peace. Jenny did not know that.Like many of us, she also searched for the one which she already had for a long time, outside.

Is it true that we don’t realize the value of something just because it is with us for sometime? just because it is available anytime? just because we did not struggle to get it? just because it came to us and not we went to them? just because we accept it since something is better than nothing? just because we could not get what we wanted to get and settled for what we get? just because we want to keep it until we find something better?……………..don’t know.I Just know that I am no exception.

As a kid Jenny prays ” Oh God , make me a bird , so that I can fly far far away” . I would pray to be a breeze, that gently carries the feather to Forrest. Reach things where they belong to …where they want to be…..or just carry them gently if they don’t know where they belong or where they want to go……Just to help those little Jennies, those became birds to fly more easier……………be a breeze………. fill their feathers…….be a music…….be a song…. be a meaningless sound……just be there….!



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