Life – as a Leftist…!!

Me  , The sports warrior –  With Tennis Elbow (If I say Lateral Epicondylitis , you all will understand easier), Basket ball Ankle, Ping Pong Knee, Volleyball Waist etc etc etc…!!!

Sports Injury in every joint with too much and too many games.I would rather call it Sport INCHury… since it hurts every inch of the body…!!! Anyway playing tennis  with Knee Pad,Elbow Pad, Ankle Splinter, Shoulder pad, will make me look like a Mummified  player .With so called Tennis Elbow in the right arm….even typing became too difficult.

We always have a back up…Right? …..wrooong…Left…. Yes, the Left Hand…!

So.. started doing stuff with the left hand.. Things like using the mouse with left hand..using the touch pad with left fingers, brushing with left hand, shaving with left hand, playing  badminton with left hand, playing ping pong with left hand….and so on…! when your left eye can do what your right eye does, why not???  we have our heart in the left side of our body too…(?!!???!)

It was so interesting to understand the power of left hand. The left hand has its own brain. We never understood and we use it for the wrong reasons and insult them. It was an eye opener when I tried to use the razor on my face with left hand.The first few times, the right hand was not doing anything, rather did not know what to do.Without the support of the other hand the face becomes a battlefield . So I had to keep changing hands to make the right hand understand what the left hand  nicely it supports the right hand….how nicely it helps the right hand to glide and guide for a clean shave.It takes a while for the right hand to understand how the left hand functions guided by its own brain….!

Coming to PingPong, the left hand slices and spins definitely match the right hand.I really started thinking we are not even using our own self  fully, forget the rest. Why can’t we develop the left hand as good and as strong as the right hand. It just needs a little practice.

So I became a leftist now and soon an  Ambidextrous 😉 (See ,even this smiley uses left eye to wink…..;-p . I will try to play tennis with my left hand. Improve my PingPong with left hand.Continue to run the razor on my face with my left hand…..And write with my left hand….hopefully write in a different language with my left hand. (Atleast it will make the reader think it is a language he does not know to read… 😉 ) use the knife with my left hand.. hold the coffee cup with my left hand.. drive with my left hand…I feel like apologizing to my left hand…sorry left hand for using you to pick  @#$%^….I am really sorry…!!!! (ok guys..enough…don’t go there…nope…!!!!)

Few years back , while playing  Racquetball, I was injured in the eye. Those were difficult moments I feared I might lose an eye.Then the worries n thoughts poured in…First one being, how do I drive with one eye. Eventually I was fine and did not have to learn driving with one eye. But I was curious to know can an one eyed person drive a car and here is the answer. But I have to tell that I or none of ever think about the plight of the people with one part of the body not functioning, since we have a fully functioning body parts.

Just try to live one day a year with both eyes tied.(please don’t sleep all day long – I said live – Sleep is a temporary death). Live one day with one eye. Live one day just using one arm….and so many things to try. That would open up the eyes in brain to see/ understand and feel the pains of the ones who have no other choice.

This one from Yahoo answers.

Can a person that is legally blind in one eye get a driver’s license? if so, then why?

Yes they can. Being blind in 1 eye really doesn’t have anything to to with a persons ability to drive a car. I’ve pulled over many people who shouldn’t have a license & both of their eyes are good.

I’m a Deputy Sheriff
Posted by Muthuraman

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