Cooking – The constants and the variables

Cooking is not magic. Especially Indian food cooking. It is just frying and mixing anonymous colorful powders and steaming some vegetables or chicken.That’s it. If you add more water, that would be your Gravy,Kuzhambu or Pulusu or Subji or whatever. If you don’t add a lot of water, that would be your dry side dish.If someone tells you Cooking is the hardest job in the whole planet..prove them wrong.

Cooking is simple mathematics of some constants and some variables. Like 1 + 2 = ???? And if you are a bachelor and wants to get married just for getting some flavory masala stinking food in the hungry evenings, seriously reconsider. I am not going to comment if your needs are much more than that and you are just using food as an excuse. I always wanted to explore faster, simpler, healthier and tastier food. After years of research, found a perfect formula that would work for anyone. You always wondered where from this aroma of masala originates when you pass Tatum Road / Bell Road, you know who is cooking.

Constants are Tomatoes , Onions and Chilly power and Of course salt.

Variables are any vegetables, or meat/poultry products

In two lines –

  1. Steam the Variables.
  2. Fry the Constants

Mix them ..viola, Dinner Reddieee

Some tips here

  1. Use Plum Tomatoes
  2. Use Red Onions – Soak the onion in the water for sometime before cutting that would help contain propanethiol S- oxide and help you to cry less.
  3. Use Himalayan Salt
  4. Use Green Chillies or Green Chilly Paste

Now you can add more to your constants list if you want..let me list the constants

  1. Mustard (for tadka)
  2. Jeera (for tadka)
  3. Urad dal (little for tadka)
  4. Ginger Garlic Paste
  5. Some Tamarind extract
  6. Half Teaspoon of every colorful powder you have in the kitchen cabinet or the Masala Box
  7. Some Turmeric
  8. Some Asafoetida

The variables

  1. Any vegetable
  2. Any meat/Poultry/Egg products even fish.

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