Learning never stops – I

Learning never stops in life…!

I never knew these facts below, so far.Also I never knew my car was a female, so far.(Because, it listened to me most of the times… 😉 ). ….Went to a mechanic to fix some dents in the hood..(see, this is another reason never thought it is a “she”).He suggested fixing it or dressing it with a Car Bra..Yes..(The picture below…)….Well , I thought I would be able to buy them at Victoria’s secret….But facts I learnt are,

1) Victoria’s secret does not make Car bras.(Though some of them they had looked like they were made for trucks 😉 )

2) There is no “push up” version for old cars.

The learning never stops…


Learning never Stops – II (aka “Thong? – Wrooooong !!!” )

Having been educated by the mechanic about Car Bras, I was not ready for another surprise.Without knowing cars do wear lingerie, I would have called this a “hood cover”. Now I knew what I should ask for if I have to buy a cover for the trunk or the rear bumper for my car…yeah..right.. “Car Thongs”….nope wroooong…! I dont know yet…Calll me a pervert…But this picture confuses me…What do you call this ? Well, the company calls it “Car Bra”….But…what will you call this?