You might know….!

I have the same pen
I had a month ago…
It has the same ink
It had a month ago

I do not know
where the thinking
and the inking gone?
You might know
Please let me know.

I had a bunch of whitesheets
filled with words that made a poem
a month ago..
I have a bunch of whitesheets
waiting for words now

I do not know
where those words are lost.
You might know
Please let me know.

every word you typed
gave birth to a new world
and I was reborn in those worlds.

even your silence
gave birth to a new language
which became my mother tongue
in those worlds.

I don’t know
where those worlds vanished
You might know
Because you made them
Please let me know.

The end drove the beginnings.
The rivers of my words
found their ways to the
ocean of your eyes.

the words are wandering
without direction….
Don’t let them dry and die
They come from too far
and too deep and
They belong to you..!

Just let me know..!


No One…..!

I am no one to you,
to tell you things…!

I am no one to you,
but will do a few things
to spread a smile on your face…!

I am no one to you,
but will stretch a hand
to wipe the tears off your eyes…!

I am no one to you,
but will remove those thorns away
from the path you walk home…!

I am no one to you.
but will raise my hands
over your head
when it rains and
when it shines hot…!

I am no one to you.
but will walk behind you
during the darker evenings…!

I am no one to you,
but will tell you
not just what you like to hear
but what you have to listen…!

I do not hope to become
some one to you some day
will be there
when you need someone,
and when everyone is
too busy to listen….!

You were there Jenny.! (Mama always said – II)

Whenever Jenny asked Forrest to run away, Forrest ran away from troubles. But every time he ran away he ran closer to Jenny – every single time. When Jenny tells Forrest he does not know what love is, It is she who does not know what love is. She did not know she loved him. Like all of us once thought we were the only ones who knew what love was, just to realize later that no one knew what love was.Some had and did not know. The ones thought they had, did not have…….!!!

Forrest , as a boy, had crooked legs but not thoughts. He had a heart like a clean sky after a downpour. Not a single shadow of a cloud. All through his life. We all have straight legs but thoughts that are not always straight. (I have no problem replacing the “We” with “I”).

Forrest let his Jenny to be Jenny. He never tried to transform the Jenny to his girl. Dont know it is right or wrong. I only know we all want to transform our Jennies/Forrests. Plan on that. Build our expectations and love on that. When it does not happen, everything vanishes…. The love we thought was there, has no trace there……There is no Forrest if you make him an intelligent and matured. There is no Jenny if you take her out of her…..We want an intelligent Forrest and Homely Jenny………..And Jennies of present,make the Forrests of today, run…not from troubles but make them run away from them, knowingly or unknowingly…! and the Forrests of today wait for every single opportunity to run away!

What Jenny wanted was already with her in Greenbow, Alabama, with Forrest – Love and Peace. Jenny did not know that.Like many of us, she also searched for the one which she already had for a long time, outside.

Is it true that we don’t realize the value of something just because it is with us for sometime? just because it is available anytime? just because we did not struggle to get it? just because it came to us and not we went to them? just because we accept it since something is better than nothing? just because we could not get what we wanted to get and settled for what we get? just because we want to keep it until we find something better?……………..don’t know.I Just know that I am no exception.

As a kid Jenny prays ” Oh God , make me a bird , so that I can fly far far away” . I would pray to be a breeze, that gently carries the feather to Forrest. Reach things where they belong to …where they want to be…..or just carry them gently if they don’t know where they belong or where they want to go……Just to help those little Jennies, those became birds to fly more easier……………be a breeze………. fill their feathers…….be a music…….be a song…. be a meaningless sound……just be there….!




I was in the plane…
flying in the sky….
I thought about you…
My mind dived to earth and started roaming….!!!

I am in the land…
Just walking in the street….
I thought about you….
My mind started flying in the sky…..!!!



Being “someone”….

It hurts to be “someone”

A Smiley in the morning…
I don’t know
What It means to you….
It sends Sunshine to me
All day long.

A smiley in the night….
I don’t know
What is means to you….
It sends some rainbow dreams
that make me smile in the sleep.

A Hello without a reason….
I don’t know
What it means to you
But,to me
It means more than
the first “hello” ever heard.

A meaningless Hi without a reason…
I don’t know
What it means to you….
But,to me
It means more than the
first gibberish words
of a baby to its Mom.

It’s not new…
We all know…
There are things in life
which mean nothing to you
and everything to someone…!!!

It still hurts….
to be the  “someone”!!!


For Once….!!!

You said you don’t know me….
I am not surprised,
I don’t know me either…!

Let us just enjoy the music,
For once,
Not knowing it as
The screaming wind….!

Let us just wonder the butterfly,
For once,
Not knowing it as
The flying larva…!

Let us just cherish the morning dew,
For once,
Not knowing it as
A droplet of water…!

Let us just cry for a song,
For once,
Not knowing
The meaning of the lyrics…!

Let us just be friends,
For once,
Not knowing
It is friendship….!

Let us just love someone,
For once,
Not knowing,
It is love.


Just don’t know….!

I dont want to lie….
When you were gone,
For the last few weeks,
Things were just the same,
You may not like it,
I do not either,
I don’t want to lie,
Things were just the same
When you were gone..!

Flowers bloomed and looked beautiful
as always….
People worked and looked busy
as always……
Evening breeze carried the music
as always…..
Night sky had twinkling stars and the smiling moon
as always……

I don’t want to lie,
Things were just the same
When you were gone..!

Just don’t know
about a few things though,
When you were gone..!

Just don’t know
the bloomed flowers were
missing the fragrance
or I lost my smelling sense…
I Just don’t know…!

Just don’t know
the music in the breeze
was missing the beats
I lost my hearing sense…
I Just don’t know…!

Just don’t know
the night sky had
a moon that burnt like sun
I did not know
the difference between
the day and the night…..
I Just don’t know…!

Just don’t know
things lost a little life
when you were gone
It is just me
who lost the senses…!
Either way,
I don’t want to lie to you
Things were just the same
when you were gone,
TO ME….!