• To change lives
• To change the humankind
• To create a world filled with people who just know love and peace
• To rekindle the human in every man and woman who reads this
• To spread harmony, love, peace and laugh

So if anyone is reading this blog thinking or looking for any of the above here , you are in the wrong place. Infact, many of the blogs fall under this category. This is no exception.Playing Solitaire would be more valuable for your time than reading this.

There are two categories of people who have blogs

• Good writers who write for magazines/published books/famous
• Those who think they are good writers. (“Let me have blog until Readers Digest invites me to write a column” “Let me start a blog,anyway none of the magazines are ready publish my writings” type of people ….or may me some more of this kind)

After reading this blog I am sure you will know the third category, which is,

• Good writers – who don’t want to write for magazines / publish books / become famous(or not capable of doing any of these)

If you have some time to waste, and if you do not mind wasting it here please happily visit this blog. Because I have wasted a lot of time making this blog, I don’t even know why…no I do remember…yeah….To become a millionaire and famous… (I think I am famous already, that leaves me with the other one to complete). Please contact me before starting any fan club since all the fan clubs have to follow the code of conduct which will be communicated to them soon. Also please click on the link below ” Donate to make me a Millionaire”.

Please my intention is not making you refer dictionary , or show my English language skills (though I referred it to find out whether it is “nAry” or “nEry”). I try my best to use simple and easy words which we use in our day to day life. (Phew – what a nice way to cover up my poor vocabulary) And will use very simple statements (because I don’t want you to spend time finding errors or feel happy that you found many grammatical errors in this blog,to justify that this blog sucks. Lesson #1 : Don’t try to justify what the world already knows). But please always point out errors when you stumble upon them.

Soon we will be selling baseball hats,golf t shirts,Jewelleries, mens underwear, thongs (just need to check it has space for printing our logo),diapers, sanitary napkins, toilet tissue rolls, Cars, Aeroplanes,Cruise ships,Satellites and Planets with our waatablog logo.We are also working on creating waatablog cards. So please be prepared to book your orders. Many of them will be limited edition (since we know we cannot sell them if we make more)…..

And Please do not forget to leave a comment…..!

If you are too busy(or lazy) to type a comment you can cut and paste this one. ” This is the best blog I ever read…..The poems made me cry….The jokes made me laugh…Your writing made me feel so light , that I really lost 15 pounds after reading your blog… and my kidney stone problem is cured….don’t have constipation any more….wow…I can’t thank you enough…. please keep writing…..I am going to click on “Donate to make me a Millionaire” and max out my credit card…!!! ”

On a serious note,
if one of these pages can spread little smile on your face, it hit the target.
if one of these pages sprinkle your memories with little thoughts of love, it hit the target.
When you can love someone without expecting love in return, you become a better human.If any of these pages succeed in moving you one inch towards that, it hit the target.

So when you have a few minutes to waste on a smile, waste on love …..waste them here..!!!


Muthuraman – The Author

(Please keep track of the future Nobel prize winners. This author may be the first one to become a Nobel laureate for a blog…(gosh… I almost typed “laundromat” – again with wrong spelling 🙂




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